I believe having kids in the district is a very important qualification. I have four kids that are in, and will be in, the district for the next 10 years. I am invested in our community as demonstrated by being a coach, Cub Scout leader, church youth group leader, and PTO volunteer. I think living the experience of the schools, with my kids, is a great starting point.

I have been a financial professional for over 20 years. I have lead teams at two Fortune 500 companies: performing financial analysis, risk management, audits, and team building. More recently, I started my own business that focuses on financial due diligence and consulting with technology companies under $50 million in revenue.

I will to listen to all sides, but will ask tough questions in order to find the best solution. I am not afraid to make difficult decisions.

I think perspective provides an alternative point-of-view that informs us to make better decisions. Although my family has lived in Eden Prairie for eight years, we have lived in Maple Grove and Orono. In addition, our family has spent time in Phoenix, AZ and Wichita, KS. Living in different school districts has provided me additional perspective on the quality of education in Eden Prairie.

I Will Do The Work

Get to Know Me

Favorite Book:

1919- It is a history of WWI, the Treaty of Versailles, and the mistakes made securing the peace that led to WWII and other 20th century conflicts.

Favorite Movie:

Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark

Title of “my life” book:

“Stay at home Dad: Pity the fool that can’t multi-task!”

Memorable Vacation:

I recently backpacked 30miles with my daughter, my best friend, and his daughter from Mt. St Helen’s to Mt. Rainier in Washington State. It was a really special trip; however, I am not sure our daughters will appreciate it until they are older.

Favorite Restaurant in Eden Prairie:

Tavern 4&5, I love the meatballs and wood-fired pepperoni pizzas!