Eden Prairie Schools are a $165 Million Dollar Enterprise

Three reasons you can trust C.J.Strehl to handle this big responsibility.

My Story

I am a father of four children that attend Eden Prairie Schools.

I am a graduate of the University of Wisconsin- Madison, (Gopher fans, please don’t hold this against me)

I am a financial professional, and excelled in my career before “retiring” from my job to begin a new career as a stay home dad. I am incredibly fortunate that my wife is amazing at her craft, providing me the privilege to stay home and raise our four children.

I am a small business owner, having recently “un-retired” in 2017 once all my children were in school.

I love coaching- I volunteer to coach and lead kids across sports, church, and cub scouts.

This fall, if you are at a soccer or football field, the baseball diamond, the basketball court, or the EPCC swimming pool, please introduce yourself- I would love to learn more about your passion or concerns for EP Schools!

Why Am I running?

I want every resident, student, and teacher to be able to say “I am proud of our schools.”

I want EP Schools to be recognized as the “Best School District” in Minnesota. Delivering world class education and academic excellence to every student. I want people throughout the state to aspire to attend EP Schools and live in Eden Prairie.

We have the resources. We have the talent. Let’s be amazing!

I believe Eden Prairie Schools have a lot to offer: The EPHS block system is unique and provides students an experience similar to what they might experience in college. Compared to most school districts in Minnesota, we are a very diverse community- which provides our students perspective and an opportunity to learn about different cultures. Thanks to the referendum passed by EP voters, we have the lowest Kindergarten through 2nd grade class size in the metro area. Additionally, our community supports our schools with more funding than all but four of the metro suburbs (Bloomington, Osseo/Maple Grove, Burnsville, Hopkins). Our Middle School has the most engaging/best Principal I could imagine. In fact, he was recognized as the best Principal in the Hennepin District by MASSP in 2020. Finally, we had 5 of the top 134 teachers in the state during the 2019-20 school year (only Anoka/Hennepin and St Paul Schools had more). Our children have excellent facilities and technology, innovative learning options, and the best teachers in Minnesota.

WOW, we have a lot to offer!

what do i do well?

I make significant efforts to listen and understand other people’s experience/perspective. I may not always agree, but the effort and respect you show others is often reflected in your ability to find common ground and get things done.

I am not a politician and I will tell you when I do not agree with you. I truly enjoy the debate; however, I recognize many others don’t and this can negatively impact people’s interest to work with me. I will listen more than I speak, so that I can hear your voice and inform my decision making process.